Charles Starkweather & Caril Fugate


Charles Raymond Starkweather murdered eleven people in Nebraska and Wyoming between December 1957 and January 1958. All but one of Starkweather’s victims were killed between January 21 and January 29, 1958. During the 1958 murders, Starkweather was accompanied by his then fourteen-year-old girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate.

Starkweather was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on November 24, 1938. He was born with a birth defect which caused him to have bowlegs. He also suffered from a speech impediment and endured constant teasing by his classmates.

In 1956, eighteen-year-old Starkweather was introduced to thirteen-year-old Caril Fugate. By this time, he had dropped out of Lincoln High School and found work at a newspaper warehouse. The warehouse located near Whittier Junior High School in Lincoln, where Fugate was a student, and Starkweather would visit her every day after school.

After Starkweather quit his job at the warehouse, he found work as a garbageman. He began developing a nihilistic view on life and used his garbage route to plot bank robberies. During this time, he conceived his own personal philosophy by which he lived the rest of his life: “Dead people are all on the same level.”


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